Toddler Conversations

My toddlers are growing up in lightning speed.  From mumbling a couple of syllables to echoing new words, now they are able to communicate their needs and wants... and plenty of other things that make us laugh.


Thinking that Jade was ready for a little tongue twister, I tried to teach her Peter Piper during bathtime tonight. 
     Mama:  "Peter Piper..."
     Jade:    "Peter Piper."
     Mama:  "picked a peck..."
     Jade:    "picked a peck"
     Mama:  "of pickled pepper."
     Jade:    "pickled pepper."
     Mama:  "Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled pepper."
     Jade:    "Peter Piper pickled pepper."
     Mama:  "Anak, it goes like this:  Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled pepper.  If Peter  
                  Piper picked a peck of pickled pepper, where is the peck of pickled pepper Peter
                  Piper picked?"
     Jade:    "On the table."


During lunch today, we had soy sauce and calamansi for our dipping sauce.  Jade was asking for both so I decided to take it as an opportunity to introduce different tastes.  I gave her a little of both and added sugar as well.  Here's how the lesson went:

     Mama: "This is calamansi. It's sour. It's maasim."
     Jade(tastes the calamansi):   "Calmansi.  Sssour.  Hmm..asim!"
     Mama:  "This is soy sauce. It's salty.  And this is sugar; it's sweet."
Jade continues to taste each one alternately.  She then asks for some more soy sauce.

     Jade:   "Mama, I want more soy sauce please."
     Mama: "Tell me first how soy sauce tastes."
     Jade:   "It's delicious."
     Mama: "Is it sour, salty, or sweet?"
     Jade:   "It's yummy!"

We definitely need another lesson on tastes. ^_^


At dinner this evening, Jade asked her Papa if he was a giant.  This triggered a memory of a conversation we had a few weeks ago:
     Mama:   "Sleep na, my baby. Close your eyes."
     Jade:     "But I'm not a baby. I'm a little girl!"
     Mama:   "Ok. Sleep my little girl."
     Jade:     "Mama, are you a girl?"
     Mama:   "Yes, I am. Go to sleep na, Jade."
     Jade:     "I'm a girl. Mama's a girl."
                  "And Jakei's a boy."
                  "And Papa's a giant."

Suffice it to say that it took some time before my little girl fell asleep.


I just handed Jade a cupcake, here's what my little girl said:     "Wow! This is going to be great! It's strawberry! It's delicious!"

Toddlers are so easily pleased! With the way she reacted, you'd think she won the lottery.


"once upon a time...
there was jade and jakei...
it was a sunny day...
then they were walking...
on the green grass...
then they were taking a nap."

Ok, so there's really nothing special about this story - except that it was a bedtime story told by my 2-year-old daughter last night. And for this mom, it is the best story ever!


(They say kids grow up too fast...I had no idea it'd be this fast.)
Jade suddenly embraces Mama and says
      Jade:  "I love you, Mama!"
      Mama: "Ohhh...I love my baby..."
Jade squiggles out of my embrace and exclaims
      Jade: "But I'm not a baby anymore. I'm a little girl!  And Jakei's a little boy."

***2010***Waking up from naptime one afternoon and seeing Jakei sleeping on Mama's tummy,  Jade pats her brother on the back and exclaims, "Jakei is sleeping."  But then continues patting her brother's back oblivious to my reprimand.  Naturally, Jakei wakes up and sits drowsily.  Jade cups his sleepy face in her hands, places her face an inch away from his, and exclaims, "Jakei are you awake?!  Are you awake Jakei? YES!  You're awake Jakei."


At breakfast one weekday morning, Jade watches Mama prepare her choco drink.
Jade:  Mama, what's that?
Mama: It's Milo.  It's Mama's hot chocolate.  (hands an empty sachet of Milo to Jade)
Jade: (after scrutinizing the sachet for a few seconds)  Mama, look it's Milo!  Can you say that - Milo?  MIIII - LO!

***2010***One Tuesday afternoon, after a long weekend bonding with Papa, Jakei wakes from his nap and realizes that Papa is not in the room.
Jakei:  Papa...Papa...Papa...
Jade:  Papa's in the office.
Jakei:  Papa...Papa...
Jade:  Papa's not here.
Jakei:  Papa...Papa...(on the verge of tears)
Jade:  Jakei, don't cry.  Papa's in the office.  He'll be home later.


As Mama was scrubbing the ink stains from Jade's hands during bathtime:
Mama:  Your hands are so dirty, anak.  Look at that.  What 're on your hands?
Jade:  Colors.
Mama: Hay, they're so DIRty.
Jade:  But I'm just working, Mama.
(Note to Mama:  Painting, drawing, scribbling, and all other fun messy activities are part of a toddlers' day.  So, credit dirty hands to work-related accidents.)

***05.19.2010 ***

At bedtime tonight, Jade, who was still trying her very best NOT to fall asleep, took a peek inside Jakei's playpen. When she saw Jakei sleeping, she turned to me and said, "Jakei sleeping". Then she promptly turned around again and yelled at Jakei, "Jakei! Wake Up! Wake Up! Wake Up, Jakei!"


Jade watched the Good Friday procession from or second floor window. She kept saying "Jesus" throughout the procession. Two days after, she would still ask to be carried so she could look at Jesus outside the window. I finally told her, "Jade, Jesus is not outside. Jesus is in your heart." Upon hearing this, Jade sat on the floor, lifted her shirt, frantically looking for Jesus, while saying, "Jesus, Jesus, heart. lubdup, lubdup. Jesus